In the first year of the project the following tasks are planned: (1) Building the corpus of texts (manifestations of different sorts, conferences, round tables, theater plays, individual and group visits of Serbian writers, etc.; presence of the Serbian cultural materials in the media/journals (scientific, weekly, proceedings, almanacs, daily publicist writing, chronicles, etc.): a) from 1990 to 2000 and b) from 2000 to 2010/2011; creating the bibliography and databases which would include as many texts as possible. (2) studying the relevant theory on the term “transition” and “culture”; in that respect professional meetings for the project topics and the invited experts from Croatia will be organized to extend the theoretical and every other aspect of the research subject matter. (3) Writing a report on the work for each year of the project.

    During the second year we would focus on extensive reading of materials and selecting topics with regard to the materials from the first year of research. We will focus on the analysis of text contents, not just on external manifestations of intercultural activities, because only in this way we can know for certain what the authors have mediated and then we can adequately assess their reception which forms the wider horizon of the recipients’ expectations. Each of the associates will be obliged at the end of the second year to write an at least 16 type-written double-spaced pages-long paper.

    During the third year the following tasks are planned: (1) preparations for the international/regional conference on the experience of transition on the target regional level, in particular Croatian-Serbian cultural and literary connections and relationships; for that occasion a theoretical elaboration as a frame for individual contributions would be prepared; (2) selection of the participants; call for papers to all interested researchers who deal with intercultural connections and relationship among the communities in transition, primarily in the South Slavic area; (3) organization of the two-day international conference; (4) preparations and publishing of the conference proceedings; (5) publishing the papers resulting from the project.